Space ID announces Airdrop for .BNB and .ARB domain holders

The Space ID project announced an Airdrop of ID tokens to early adopters of the protocol.

If you are one of them, congratulations. In this article, we will explain the details of the Airdrop and how to get your share of the Airdrop.

ID token details

The Space ID protocol team announced that the coin’s smart contract address is 0x2dfF88A56767223A5529eA5960Da7A3F5f766406.

The currency will support the ETH and BNB networks, but access to Airdrop will be limited to the BNB Chain network.

Details for ID token Airdrop

The team allocated 10% of the total token to Airdrop.

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But at the current stage, 47,600,000 IDs will be distributed, which represents 23.8% of the tokens allocated for the Airdrop.

According to the project team statement, the number of addresses eligible for Airdrop is more than 271,000 addresses.

Requirements for ID Token airdrop

The conditions announced by the Space ID team for Airdrop ID are:

  • Have registered a .BNB or .Arb domain
  • The domain must have been registered before March 10th
  • Hold Duration – if the address has multiple domains, Only the domain with the oldest registration period will be taken into account
  • Expiry time – if the address has multiple domains, Only the range with the longest expiry period will be taken into account
  • If a valid base name exists (.bnb or .arb)
  • If you have a Prime NFT
  • If you have a Legacy NFT
  • If you have an Awakening NFT
  • If you have Voyage Prime / Legacy / Awakening NFT together
  • Number of OATs tags kept (issued by Galxe’s SPACE ID)
  • In case of registering a .BNB domain of 3/4/5+ characters
  • In the case of registering a .ARB domain of 3/4/5+ characters
  • If the address has both .bnb and .arb domains

How to Will the Airdrop be distributed

According to the aforementioned conditions, points are calculated for each condition that you have achieved, and on the basis of that, the number of ID tokens due to you is calculated.

How do I know my share of ID Tokens?

In order to know the ID tokens owed to you, you must visit the project website and link your wallet, after which the number of ID tokens due to you will appear.

How do you get ID tokens ?

You can start getting ID tokens from March 22nd.

But you must be careful!

The project team confirmed that the deadline for obtaining the currency is available until April 22, after which you will not be able to obtain the tokens due to you.

Did I miss the opportunity for the ID token Airdrop?

At this point yes, but don’t worry. This phase of the Airdrop constitutes less than a quarter of the tokens allocated to the Airdrop, so it is expected that the protocol will continue to reward users.

How do I get an ID token?

You can participate in the coin offering on the Binance Launchpad or wait until March 22nd when the coin is listed on the trading platforms

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