Binance announces its first IPO for 2023 – the Space ID project

Binance has announced the start of the preparatory phase for the Space ID IPO project.

But a moment!

  • What is the Space ID project?
  • And what are the ID currency details?
  • What are the IPO details?

What is the Space ID project?

Space ID is a unified platform for Web 3.0 domains.

Through Space ID, you can register, manage, sell and buy domains for different networks such as BNB Chain, Ethereum and Arbitrum.

In short, the Space ID project brings together the digital identity needs of the Web3 world in one place.

What are the achievements of the Space ID project?

The project was launched in September 2022. And it didn’t take much time for the project to prove its status.

Within 6 months, he was able to achieve the following:

  • +450,000 domains on the BNBChain network.
  • +96,000 domains on the Arbitrum network.

What is ID currency?

ID is the currency of the Space ID protocol.

This coin has 3 uses:

  • Pawn ID coins for discounts on domain trading.
  • For payments on the Space ID system and Web 3.0 domain integration.
  • Space ID Ecosystem Governance.

ID coin details

The total supply of the currency is 2 billion ID, and the total supply for trading will initially be 286 million ID.

The total coin supply will be divided as follows:

  • 20% off the initial sale.
  • 8% strategic selling.
  • 5% Binance Subscription.
  • 15% of the main team.
  • 7% counselors.
  • 13% marketing.
  • 12% of the institution.
  • 10% of the airdrop.
  • 10% of the ecosystem.
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What are the details of ID coin subscription?

5% of the total offer will be allocated for subscription.

The ID coin price in the IPO is $0.025.

The IPO is now in the preparatory stage.

During this stage, your average ownership of BNB currency is calculated daily, and on the basis of this, your participation limit in the IPO is allocated.

Subscription will start on March 22 at 9 am Mecca time.

How do I participate in the Binance IPO?

To participate in the IPO, you must have BNB coin. Where the platform calculates your average ownership of the currency daily, then at the end of the preparatory stage, the maximum limit allowed for you to buy the currency is set.

When will the ID coin be listed on the Binance platform?

The coin will be listed on March 22

What platforms will list ID Coin?

In the beginning, Binance will be the first platform to list the currency, and it is certain that other platforms will follow, but no announcement has been made yet.

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