Arbitrum Plans to Distribute Over 1 Billion ARB Tokens!

The news is good and exciting on the Arbitrum network this week. In conjunction with the DAO Governance Community’s launch of the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks, ARB tokens will be distributed in the near future!

Arbitrum network will start distributing ARB tokens on March 23!

In a press release published by Arbitrum today, it announced that free ARB coins will be distributed in the form of Airdrops to those who qualify.

According to the statement, the distribution will take place for more than one billion ARb, starting March 23, 2023.

You will distribute 1 billion arb
Source: Bit3rab

It should be noted that the total supply of ARB coins is 10 billion ARB, which makes this airdrop only a part of the ARB coins, about 12% of the total supply.

Finally, this airdrop of ARB tokens is a great opportunity for users to take advantage of Airdrop, and it will also be an opportunity for the network to develop its mechanisms and means that it uses to enhance its decentralization.

If you don’t know what Airdrop is?

Airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies directly to your wallet. Some platforms or projects are done for the benefit of their clients.

DeFi projects often rely on the coin’s Airdrop process, with the goal of promoting project decentralization and ensuring good coin governance.

After all, Airdrop will be an opportunity if you do it!

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