A victim of the Euler protocol hack gets his cryptocurrency back in a strange way

on March 13, A hacker succeeded in executing a breach of the Euler protocol. It resulted in a loss of about US$180 million.

So what if you are one of the affected?! Will you remain a spectator?

Or will you do as one of Euler’s users did?

After two days of penetration, this user tried an unfamiliar and completely unusual method.

usually, Users resort to the protocol to claim compensation for their losses.

But this user chose to beg the hacker to return his stolen money.

But the strange thing is that he succeeded!

Where the victim sent an encrypted message to the hacker explaining that he lost all his 78 ETH in the protocol after being hacked.

Euler hacker

As the hacker pleads, “I am just a user who has only 78 ETH in savings deposited in Euler. I am neither a whale nor a millionaire. You can’t imagine what a mess I’m in right now…”

This message succeeded in moving the hacker’s feelings and awakening his conscience!

And to everyone’s surprise, The hacker responded humanely and kindly to this user’s message.

Reports revealed that the hacker transferred 100 ETH to the user, or approximately $165,000.

This is more than the 22 ETH the user requested.

It appears that the Euler Protocol hacker sympathized with his victim

This story gave some hope to those affected. Where it inspired them to try to contact the hacker to get their money, But all their attempts failed.

finally , While one of those affected by the hack succeeded in convincing the hacker, The Euler protocol is still looking for a way to negotiate with the hacker today.

Euler even announced a $1 million reward for any information that would lead to the hacker’s identity.

Euler Tweet

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